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A darker poem, something with an Edge. Do you like it? February 11, 2010

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Here’s something a little different. Again, I’m on a freeverse kick tonight, so don’t expect my usual overly-structured approach here. Do you like it?

On the Edge

Darkness withers around the edge of calamity.
It mocks the tempered solidity
of supposed reality.
The tidal forces of history grip the whole of the human race. Faces surface in the vicious black fluid of time.
Rictus grins fanged.
Bile drips from the razor canines of winged horrors.
From chaos I sense it.
The very soul of the void.
Endless waves of complexity yielding truth in simple prose.
“Dream of me.”
“Speak me into existence and I shall come to you full-fledged, a scion of scarlet flame.”
Where tattered half-told tales spin, alone I stand, weaving.
Together the fate of the world, the destiny of mankind.
In you alone, the choice.
Look upon the face of the deep,
with eyes not shrouded in fear.
Or to lament the passing of freewill.