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Watch Online Edge Of Darkness 2010 February 11, 2010

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One: “Compassionate Leave”

On a rainy night, Yorkshire police officer Ronald Craven (Bob Peck) and his daughter Emma (Joanne Whalley), a scientist and environmental activist, are confronted by man with a shotgun just outside of Craven’s home. The gunman fatally shoots Emma with both barrels, and then escapes. Craven’s colleagues believe that “Ronnie” was the target – the killer one of Craven’s past prisoners seeking revenge – Emma just getting in the way. Going through Emma’s belongings, Craven discovers a geiger counter and a gun – the gun clearly registering on the geiger counter, and also a lock of hair clipped by the pathologist. He also finds a radiation badge marked “IIF” – International Irradiated Fuels, LTD., a British company chartered to store radioactive waste at a low level radioactive waste facility known as “Northmoor”. Emma’s body and her possessions are also radioactive. Craven has almost immediately begun experiencing visions of his daughter. It is not clear if she is a ghost or a product of his imagination. Convincing his boss that the killer will end up heading for London, Craven heads for the city. There, he is contacted by Pendleton (Charles Kay), a polished official “attached to the Prime Minister’s office,” who informs him that Emma was known to the government as a terrorist and that it may have been she, not Craven, who was the gunman’s target. Pendelton later receives a visit from CIA agent Darius Jedburgh (Joe Don Baker), an associate who is also aware of Emma’s activities.

Two: “Into the Shadows”

Following the investigation in London, Craven has more intense visions of Emma to which he voices his frustration. The fingerprints on the getaway car used by Emma’s killer match that of Lowe, a man Craven arrested ten years earlier. Meanwhile, Pendleton introduces Craven to his colleague, Harcourt (Ian McNeice), who informs him that Emma was a member of a subversive anti-nuclear group called GAIA. A team of six GAIA members, led by Emma, had broken into Northmoor on May 8, 1985; all are now either dead or missing. Seeing Craven make a televised appeal for information about Emma’s killer, Jedburgh contacts him, and shows Craven the CIA’s file on Emma’s activities. The file describes how GAIA and the CIA became suspicious of Northmoor when a nearby reservoir had become contaminated with radioactive material, leading them to believe Northmoor was illegally storing plutonium. Jedburgh is played as a hard-bitten professional with a wry sense of humour and a passion for golf. Along with Harcourt and Pendleton, he is keen to find the source and purpose of the plutonium, but there are signs that he has his own plans for Northmoor.

Three: “Burden of Proof”

The police close in on their suspect, Lowe (Roy Heather). Although successfully apprehended, Lowe manages to break free, jumping from the window of his building. Dying of his injuries, Lowe tells Craven he was working with McCroon, a terrorist Craven had convicted in Northern Ireland – strengthening the official theory that Ronnie had been the target. Craven meets Emma’s boyfriend, Terry “Tell” Shields (Tim McInnerny), a political agitator who is clearly under surveillance. Shields – more a socialist than environmentalist – tells Craven that Emma was investigating a hot cell in Northmoor; Shields is later killed – as is the occupant of a van that had been surveilling his home. Craven meets Harcourt and Pendleton at the House of Commons where an inquiry is taking place into the sale of IIF to “The Fusion Corporation of Kansas”, owned by Jerry Grogan (Kenneth Nelson). Pendleton tells Craven that he believes Grogan was behind Emma’s death. Craven refuses to testify in the IIF inquiry, but his presence there clearly unsettles Robert Bennet, IIF’s managing director. Outside of the hearings, Craven is introduced to Clementine (Zoe Wanamaker), a friend of Jedburgh’s. It is “Clemmy” who informs an incredulous Craven that Jedburgh created GAIA. Jedburgh confronts Grogan, warning him to stay out of Northmoor. It is clear both men know each other on hostile terms. Returning to Yorkshire for Emma’s funeral, Craven is refused permission to seek a warrant to enter Northmoor – his superiors stubbornly adhere to the theory that Emma was killed by Lowe and McCroon, and suspect Craven of cracking. Returning home, Craven is observed by McCroon (Sean Caffrey).

Four: “Breakthrough”

McCroon, as Craven had expected, breaks into Craven’s house intent on killing him. McCroon, with a shotgun to Craven’s head, admits killing Emma while trying to kill Craven. Much like Craven’s superiors, McCroon insists the guilt is his own – revenge for Craven’s work with informers in Northern Ireland. Craven appears unafraid, certain he can get McCroon to tell him who he is working for but McCroon is shot by a police marksman before he can say anything. Craven is briefly hospitalized when he suffers a breakdown, but he is soon released. Returning home, he finds a list of train stations written by Emma – possibly directions for breaking into Northmoor. Meanwhile, Harcourt and Pendelton investigate the recovery of a woman’s body from a resevoir near Northmoor. Though the cause of death was drowning, the body is irradiated. A pathologist will later testify that the body shows signs of having been in proximity to concentrated fissile material, of the kind found in a reprocessing plant, and that this coincided with an exposure to a “criticallity accident”. With the help of a colleague, Craven gains access to a terminal connected to the MI5 computer. He checks the MI5 records for GAIA, Northmoor and Emma and learns that McCroon was acting on the orders of Northmoor Security. He also obtains a three-dimensional map of Northmoor from the computer, and narrowly avoids arrest with Clemmy’s help when Police investigate the security breach. Craven also confronts Godbolt, a mining union functionary who wilts when Craven tells him of his investigations. Godbolt, knowing that disclosure of Northmoor will ruin him, confesses his role in IIF and Emma’s death, and the origins of Northmoor. Craven reunites with Jedburgh – who is just returning from a mission in El Salvador – and the two talk about Jedburgh’s role in creating GAIA, and Craven’s plans to break into Northmoor.

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