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Watch Edge of Darkness Online February 11, 2010

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While you weren’t looking, Mel Gibson took some time off. When you watch Edge of Darkness online, you will see him returning to the big screen after a seven-year absence. Younger fans unfamiliar with the actor may have assumed that making tabloid headlines signaled the end of his long career. Fans who remember the star of Mad Max knew that would never happen.

Though admittedly aged a little, watching Edge of Darkness online shows evidence that little else about him has changed much over the years.  In a role that’s sure to remind you of The Patriot and Ransom, he plays a retired investigator from Boston whose daughter is killed in a drive-by shooting. A film legend was born in Mad Max when we first saw that look of controlled rage on his face. Past experience attests to the fact that, if Gibson is looking at you with the same expression you see when watching Edge of Darkness online, your number is up. And there’s only one reason he ever gets that expression. Do NOT mess with the man’s family!

Watching Edge of Darkness online might have you wondering if a younger man would have been more agile for this kind of action role. Perhaps, but you’ll see agility combined with something more when you watch Edge of Darkness online. When it comes to displays of righteous anger, Gibson has to be the master. Few people who saw We Were Soldiers or Braveheart would not have followed him right out of the theater if he’d been waiting at the exit door when the film was over.

In a way, watching Edge of Darkness online can feel a little nostalgic, in a strange kind of way. Though his character’s actions on film are sure to be like a blueprint for living political incorrect, it feels good seeing someone do what everyone has wanted to do at some time. It’s a role that Gibson plays as convincingly as if it were real life. Of course, if the older guy next to you happens to say something similar to this during the film, please be patient and remember, in his day, it wasn’t unusual to get the same instinctual savagery because of meat loaf for dinner. When it comes to film, no one knows the movie-going public better than he does.

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