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Edges of Darkness February 11, 2010

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The zombie apocalypse has come to Los Angeles, and the streets are infested with flesh-eating horror. In these three tales of human survivors – a computer obsessed husband, a young couple with a chilling addiction, and an urban warrior hunting the most demonic prey of all – the ultimate carnage is about to begin. The strong will flourish. The weak will be devoured. And in a world gone mad with desperation, reckoning and rage, some hungers can never be contained…. More >>

Edges of Darkness


1. Tim Lasiuta - February 11, 2010

“Edge of Darkness” is an amazing indie film. Whatever you do, do not hold it against this product. As blood splattered/horrific as the film is, it does hold your attention and boasts excellent production values.

What stands out in “Edge” is the make up. With seemingly hundreds of zombies (although I’m sure there are only around 20), the make up and oozy prosthetic limbs are well done. Numerous scenes feature a zombie smorg, with arms, heads, and handfulls of fresh flesh (say that 20 times) dripping with blood. Blood splats are not uncommon, and surprisingly, the death (can it be so) scenes are tasteful.

The horror is well done, with a psychological tension that grows. The writer who is possessed by his work while outside his walls, the zombies lurk reminds of Jack Nicholson in the Shining. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I do not want that computer upgrade! The priests searching for the anti-christ come straight out of the Omen, and the vampires, are non-typical yet they all come together in this anthology format. Horror, apocalypse, and vampirism. Look for it all here!

In terms of craft, these guys certainly studied the classics. Creative use of color, angles, and isolationism make this a must watch.

Will this lead to an “Edge of Darkness II”? I hope so. First, let me bar the doors and hide my pet cat.


Tim Lasiuta

Rating: 5 / 5

2. Michael Barone - February 11, 2010

This movie deserves a negative star.There are three stories involved in thi movie.Ready for this:
1 A guy is eaten by a computer chip that turns into a vine.
2 A women protects the antichrist(a young black boy)from a group of killer priests.
3 Two people who ,as far as i can tell,think they are vampires are killed by a woman who can make herself bleed.WTF!?!.
The whole time these stories are going on,there are zombies walking around outside.Why? I DONT KNOW!They dont tell you in the movie.None of the people in the movie were even likeable.I was hoping they all died so I wouldnt have to watch anymore!
Rating: 1 / 5

3. Eugene F. Borg - February 11, 2010

I enjoy Zombie movies, but the best thing about this one is the DVD cover. This wasn’t a low-budget movie, this was a no-budget movie! Almost the entire film takes place in two different houses, with occassional peeks out the window at zombies shuffling around. This film was a HUGE dissapointment; I ended up fast forwarding through the last two thirds of it hoping to find something enjoyable, but alas my efforts were wasted on this film. When it was over I threw it in the trash, regretting the fact that I spent $14.99 on this no-budget boredom.
Rating: 1 / 5

4. Midiander - February 11, 2010

This was a blind purchase… Don’t make the same mistake. I love horror films, life is too short to waste on crap like this. This is a mess from beginning to end. Is Anchor Bay that desperate for content to release? The box exclaims…. “Killer Zombie Action!” ~ Horror News (What film did they watch?), “Brilliant!” ~Quiet Earth (again, huh?), and “a balls -to-the-wall thrill-fest that will kick your ass…” ~Arrow In The Head (Someone has taken too many arrows to the head…). Skip it!!!!
Rating: 1 / 5

5. Virgil - February 11, 2010

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am a huge zombie fan and I could not stand watching this movie and I have seen alot of bad zombie movies. It has 3 overall storys and none of them are good. I could not find a single reason to care for any of the characters. The only thing that someone could like about this is the front DVD cover. Just look at that for a few min and then walk away. If you even think about spending money on this thing let me tell you you will get more enjoyment setting it on fire then spending any amount of money of this.
Rating: 1 / 5

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