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Do you ever find yourself on the edge, attracted to the mental darkness that is labeled as ‘down there’… February 11, 2010

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…and feel suddenly motivated to jump?


1. toastalchemist - February 11, 2010

All the time

2. Suncult - February 11, 2010

Metaphorically I do find myself on the edge, However my attraction isn’t any greater to a “mental darkness” as it is to say a “physical lightness”, and neither of them are labeled a direction…and the motivation to jump is never sudden it is more of a constant.

3. catpat - February 11, 2010

yes. less so these days because I catch myself as if I were looking from a bird’s eye view of who the self is. I then choose to move to the positive realms of the pasture. Life is short and you need to dwell where most can be done. we are all interdependent after all..

4. rickmerkus@rogers.com - February 11, 2010

never feel like jumping at all as for mental darkness no

5. Shironami - February 11, 2010

I didn’t jump into the darkness a year ago, I walked into the black ocean calmly, and breathed it in. I went there to change myself for the better, because if I kept staying where I was, things would have turned for the worst for me.

6. lazybird2006 - February 11, 2010

several times

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